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About Us

Friends of Language Academy, FOLA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization set up and run by parents.  FOLA raises money for and provides enrichment programs for Language Academy students.


All funds raised by FOLA are spent on Language Academy programs and materials.

With your help, FOLA has...

  • Built the athletic field

  • Developed a successful dance and music program

  • Pay for Teachers for Garden Explores

  • Dancing with Mr. D

  • Helped with 5th Grade moving on up ceremony and 8th Grade promotion

  • Provided thousands of dollars in classroom grants directly to teachers and school administration

  • Purchased school supplies, recess and PE equipment

  • Paid for online subscriptions to enrichment programs like RazzKids, Learning A-Z and Brain Pop

  • 8th Grade Color Throw

FOLA Board Members

President -  Jessie Denton

Treasurer - Amy Wert

Secretary - Marisa Ailey

Principal - Ms. Graciela Rosas

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